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Dear Parents,

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Screenshots of Year 2014 Papers


Below shows the screenshots of 2014 papers that you will be getting!

The output is so real that the quality is even better than the original copy. 

As you can see from below, there is a user-friendly left menu panel for u to choose the specific school that you want to print. Never have to worry about sorting the schools from a stack of papers which is very difficult to manage. Print it only when you want it and you can print it over and over again for infinite practice.

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Hi Ken, many thanks for your help for providing the top schools exam questions and answers. I have been searching high and low for it but  couldn't find what I want.

TopSchoolExamPapers.com is a great online portal for parents' and tutors' who are seeking exam papers for their students to practice, so as to give them an edge before the real exams.

Mrs Yeo

"TopSchoolExamPapers.com are What Parents want!"

WOW, Raffles Girls', Tao Nan, SCGS, and all many more Top Schools that you can find only in TopSchoolExamPapers.com.

I would like to thank you for putting in so much effort to gather the papers. Great work! The software is so easy to use. I can just click and click to print out the papers. It save me the hassle of buying hard copies exam paper which is very difficult to keep and manage. Furthermore, I can bookmark the page and access it again when I want!

- Mrs Chua

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Dear Ken, Thank You so much for providing us the test papers. My Son, Symail has did extremely well for his final SA2 examination. Now I came to realize the importance of practicing actual full length past exam papers before the real exams.

Are your papers also available at the local bookshop such as Popular ? Also, When is the 2014 papers available? 

Ms Sharifah Khairunnisa

"This Is Astounding Value!"

Astounding value! That's all I have to say. With the Software, I can print the papers again for more practices till my girl gets all the questions correct. Normally, my girl has to practice a few times before she gets everything right.

Furthermore, I don't have to keep the whole stack of papers at home and I can print when I want. Thank You for providing us with all the exam papers, it's very useful!

Mrs. Z. Chong

"Do let me know when Year 2014 Papers are available!"

Hi, I have downloaded all the Exam Papers. I would like to thank you for your service. These Exam Papers are so excellent and very useful for the kids. Thank you so much.

I am interested in the 2014 Primary 6 English, Maths and Science papers. Do you have a package of these with a good price. Please e-mail me once these papers are available.

- Mr Tan Bc

"Wow! What An Accelerated Start!!!"

Ken, Thank You very much for your effort and hard work to gather all the questions and answers from the Top Schools.


Now my boy can skip all those useless assessment books and just practice on the Top School Exam Papers. Do let me know when the 2014 version is available. Thank You!

- M
r Lee Lh

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"Top School Exam Papers is a great product… for all the tutors/teachers who are getting resources for their students- I highly recommend this to go.

I can print the papers at my convenient for all my students. What's more, I can access them when I want, and my students will be able to practice on it before the big EXAMS.

So yeah, I highly recommend Top School Exam Papers if you’re a tutor or teacher!

- Mr Ang Teck Siong (Full-Time Tutor)

"Great Resource For Someone Who is in the teaching line. Saved Me lot of time trying to find Top Schools Exam Papers"

I was happy to chance upon TopSchoolExamPapers.com because most of my students have been using only assessment books and worksheets.  

It's definitely very useful for the students to practice as part of their preparation for the exams.



- Ms Evelyn Tan (Full-Time Tutor)


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Ken Theng

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