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General questions about TopSchoolExamPapers.com

1. Is TopSchoolExamPapers.com registered in Singapore?
Top School Exam Papers is a Subsidiary of www.yestuition.sg , established since 2006. Our business registered number is RCB 53084839B.  

2. What is TopSchoolExamPapers.com ?
TopSchoolExamPapers.com is an online education resource portal that provide past year exam
papers and test papers for students in Singapore. We have gathered all the 2014 questions and answers from the TOP 15 schools in Singapore to help your child excel in exams. In additional,
we have also analyzed the structure and format of the questions set by TOP schools
and present it for your reference. 

3. Are we base on MOE syllabus ?
All exam and test papers are made to fit for students in Singapore. Our exam papers are in sync and
set to tune with the latest school syllabus and test papers set by the Ministry of Education.
We have selected and compiled the papers from the TOP 15 schools in Singapore (RGPS, Tao Nan, SCGS, Nan Hua, Pei Hwa and many more.)

Working closely with a group of school teachers, TopSchoolExamPapers.com has created this educational services for students in Singapore. We hope that with these comprehensive 2014 exam papers, parent would be able to fully prepare their child for the EXAMS.

4. Are answers and solutions provided?
Yes, answers and solutions are provided for all the questions in the exam papers.

5. How do I access the exam papers?
You can access the exams papers immediately after payment is being made. Download unlimited copies of CA and SA Exam papers and print it out as many time as you like.

6. Free access for past years papers 2007-2013
You will get free access to the past 7 years (2007-2013) papers as well. Basically a single purchase entitled u to access and download unlimited 2007-2014 exam papers.

7. How much does each level costs?
It cost only from $66$25.90 to download each level CA and SA Exam Papers for all the subjects
English, Maths, Science & Chinese. It will cost you a lot more when you purchase the separate set of copies from other vendors.

8. What form of payment does TopSchoolExamPapers accept?
You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB. We also accept PayPal. You will gain immediate access to the 2014 Exam Papers. There is no waiting, even after midnight at 2am!

9. Is it safe to use my credit card online?
A: Absolutely! All orders are processed from start to finish via our secure servers.
Any data submitted is encrypted, using SSL technology. Your information is safe and secure.

10. What kind of software do I need?
You will need the Adobe Reader to read and print out all the papers. It's free of charge and you can download it here.

11. Technical Support Provided
Support is included in all orders. You can contact us here should you have encountered any
problem in accessing the papers.


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